Ich mach blau: Alltagsflucht mit dem Can-Am Spyder F3-S

I do not think much of classical gender roles. I can not identify with images of fat motorbikes, leather bends and full beards as a kind of image polish. Therefore, do not expect any 0-8-15 story here in which I tell you how I spent „a tough guy“ a day on hot wheels without my family „in freedom“. The fact is: I feel freest with my family right now.

Of course that does not mean that I do not like to spend time alone. As a „small“ motorsport fan I have nothing against power. Who does not drive it with proper torque nor a big grin on the face? In July, I took a day off to take the Can-Am Spyder F3-S on a sort of nostalgic road trip into my past.

Can-Am Spyder F3-S – the sports cannon among the threewheelers

The Can-Am Spyder and I already had the pleasure two years ago: in 2017 I was able to test the Threewheeler on a trip to Portugal and was already enthusiastic. For me, the Can-Am falls neither in the motorcycle category, nor automobiles. In my opinion, he goes beyond these ideas, because for me, progress means rethinking things and acting outside the norm. For me, the Threewheeler is one thing above all else: A pretty ingenious fun car that brings the ultimate sense of freedom to me.

Now I was allowed to test the most powerful in the team or to me myself with it: The Can-Am Spyder F3-S is the sports canon among the Threewheelers. With 115 hp at 406kg dry weight, I am under 5 seconds at 100km / h. Thanks to sports mode, the vehicle is full on every curve even at high speeds. How does this relate to the road situation? You know that. You sit in the pizzeria and the table with four legs must be supported again with beer mats. Of course this is not necessary with only three legs. This is one of the advantages of the Can-Am Spyder compared to quads.

Back to the roots: Road trip to the past

From my longtime Hometown Stuttgart, I ran the Can-Am Spyder F3-S in one day via Heidelberg to Mannheim. Tracks that I blindly know even without Navi. First stop: Mandy’s Railway Diner in Heidelberg. The old railway wagon from the 50s was converted into an American diner and has been serving the best burgers and milkshakes in the area since 1997.

Mandy’s Diner
Speyerer Straße 1
69115 Heidelberg

It gets a bit more nostalgic when I cruise through the industrial port of Mannheim with the Can-Am. A city that has shaped me musically stronger than Stuttgart, even if it is not the birthplace of Jungle and Drum & Bass, but has taken on a musical pioneering role in Germany! Again, there are parallels to the Can-Am Spyder. While the whole of the republic was dancing to techno or hip-hop, they swam against the tide and focused on a new sound that did not match theirs. In the early 90’s I have my weekends in Milk! spent. Back then, it was the only club in Germany that regularly played break beats, which in the following years developed into Jungle and Drum & Bass. By the Way: Xavier Naidoo was still a bouncer here before he made a name for himself as a singer.

Sometimes it feels good to reflect on its roots and take a little journey through time. Without this past my presence probably would not be what it is today. Think different was already years before this became Apple’s slogan in 1997, a kind of life motto, which has proven itself to me to this day.


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