California holiday – from L.A. to San Diego

As a blogger I have the privilege to experience so many beautiful things.. I have been everywhere while on the road this year – crazy! I’ve been to Berlin, Lisbon, Rome, Dublin, London, Detroit, Lake Garda, Gstaad, Sweden and then there was the road trip through Europe to the North Cape.

Nevertheless, it was important for me to take the time to have an entirely normal holiday and simply go wherever I wanted to, voluntarily. So I took the end of my student life as an occasion, packed my brother, and flew over the pond. Yes, I probably have a soft spot for the United States – in fact, there is still so much of it left to be discovered. But first, it’s time to go back to the states; back to NYC, which has somehow become my second home and is deep in my heart and omnipresent. I have already given you a report of what I ate for lunch, dinner, and my opinion on the best places to shop in New York. Everything else is already in Flo’s Diary.

Off to a California holiday

We quickly hopped on the plane in NYC and shortly after that we were on the opposite coast. We were once again a few thousand kilometers further away, but even closer to paradise. I must admit, I fall more in love with California on each visit. The Golden State is simply balm for the soul. And life somehow feels as if the gravity is lower there. From the very first moment we arrived, we enjoyed our lives. We climbed into our chic Mercedes-Benz CLA at the airport, rolled the windows down and turned the music on. The sleeves of our shirts are loosely flapping in the wind and the sun is shining. What do you do there? Of course, the first thing to do is go to In’n Out Burger, order the a couple burgers served Animal Style and continue on to the beach.

My white feet (Shit, this year I really wasn’t at the beach often) are touching the sand and the good-life scale continues to rise. We have a relaxing dinner at a deserted Lifeguard tower on the beach – only the two of us, the setting sun, and the gulls pouncing greedily on fallen fries. The taste of life.

This is followed by legendary days of relaxing on the beach. During the day we soak up the sun, salt and waves at El Matador State Beach and in the evening it’s the old familiar freak show on Venice beach. What is really more desirable? An unhappy life spent behind a desk somewhere in the world, or hanging out at the beach all day?

San Diego calling

But California is too beautiful to stay in one place – into the car we go and the journey continues. We head south to San Diego and made a short stop in Newport Beach. We watch seals in La Jolla. After that, we check-in to our Airbnb apartment. The grandmother who is hosting us in her huge home seems as though she’s more than 100 years old, but she is more relaxed and cooler than any weed-smoking Reggae-Head in this country. She explains to us that everything is just lovely and “laid back” in San Diego. We take her advice to heart and explore beautiful Coronado and between heaps of college students, we stuff ourselves with junk food on Taco Tuesday. Because sometimes, there’s precisely nothing more you want in life.


"Ain't life without style" - nach diesem Motto lebt Flo, der viel zu viele Schuhe besitzt und beim Sound eines vorbeifahrenden Sportwagens einfach grinsen muss. Eines Tages möchte er sich mal eine Scheune kaufen, um dort über Jahre hinweg an einem Auto herumzuschrauben.