Highlight Video & City Guide Reykjavik: #IZDDW, I show you Reykjavik

Oh, Iceland! This island has long been a total dream destination for me. Earlier this year Thies and I were able to explore Iceland together and now the last stop on the IZDDW tour has led me to the capital of Iceland again. Incidentally, Reykjavik is the northernmost capital of the world and with 120,000 inhabitants it’s quite cozy.


Although the city is quaint, it’s incredibly creative. The nightlife in Reykjavik is notorious and any trip to Iceland should include a few days in Reykjavik. Many American travelers schedule a 24 hour stopover in Reykjavik to explore the Golden Circle around Reykjavik before departing – good idea, I think. Our 8 hours of live streaming from Reykjavik were somewhat different though.

Morning Shower at the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland: Gullfoss

Our day started at one of the most legendary places in Iceland: Gullfoss. This waterfall is considered the largest and most beautiful waterfall on the island and is a great spot for taking photos. We were so glad to have thrown on our less stylish, but more more functional, rain capes. After the drizzle from Gullfoss we were finally really awake and our eyes could unlock the key to the wonderful-beautiful nature that Iceland has to offer. I was already aware of Iceland’s beauty, but my friend and companion, Bartek from the group Die Orsons, was visiting Iceland for the first time and could hardly believe how beautiful it is here.

Incidentally, our trip went completely in accordance with the Golden Circle and our next stop was the famous Strokkur geyser. Everyone has probably heard of Strokkur before – it’s a water spewing foxhole with a fountain that spouts water several meters high into the air! The nature and this phenomena is pretty crazy. How does the journey on the Golden Circle continue?

Iceland’s Golden Circle for beginners: Gullfoss, Geyser & Blue Lagoon

Normally, the next stop on a Golden Circle trip is the beautiful Blue Lagoon. I already allowed myself to relax in the pools here earlier this year but this time around, the call was for action! Instead of splashing around, my inner voice was now saying: quad biking! We rode out with the dudes of Safari Quads Iceland on the four-wheeled fun machines and braved the freezing temperatures while jetting through the lava landscape. I was extremely grateful for the super-cozy warm jumpsuit!

Quad biking through an Icelandic lava landscape

Have you ever driven a quad? The jerky acceleration and maneuverability are crazy; you have to really get used to it! It was fortunate that we were able to cling to the strong IZDDW-Men. Even the courageous Bartek had a great deal of respect for the rubble and other obstacles populating the landscape! The quad biking definitely is a must in my City Guide Reykjavik.

Since it can’t be all about action and we were totally fascinated by Icelandic culture, we stopped at the Open Air Museum. Our guide, Sigurlaugur (or just „Silly“), led us through the museum and we were amazed at all the things we learned: How to live and cook like Icelandic hunters – and is it the same today as it was in the past?

After our lesson about the past we jumped right back into the middle of today, namely Iceland’s current music scene. Lucky Records in Reykjavik is one of the six best record stores in the world and you will find everything a musician dreams about and desires here. Of course, this was a real highlight especially for Bartek, but I also had my fun with Björk playing in my ears and reminiscing about the old days…

During a short visit with the team from JS watch, I realized once again how much people who pursue their passion inspire me. We then went on to a very special event: the Viking photoshoot which has pretty much caused a sensation on our Instagram stream! More soon. I won’t hide the results from you! But we must attend to our growling stomachs first.

A soupy Icelandic goodbye

With a traditional hot clam chowder from Saegreifinn, a small local shop, we loaded our batteries again. Yummy, lobster straight from the sea tastes best of all! We also needed the warmth and energy because shortly thereafter, we were off to Hallgrimskirkja (Hallgrims Church). The Hallgrims Church is the tallest building in Iceland and a cute elevator lifts you to the top. It’s definitely not for claustrophobic people! But it is worth a visit – the view captured by the guys from our crew was spectacular!

And then the moaning started. After 8 hours of live streaming from Reykjavik, the trip was almost over and so was the whole IZDDW tour! With a pale ale in hand, we sunk into the hot pool at Nautholsvik beach and it was time to say goodbye. Farewell to the live stream, farewell to you, and farewell to Reykjavik. Thank you to all who have been watching and enthusiastically participating in the live stream. Thanks to all my companions who have made IZDDW what it was. And thanks to Vodafone for this incredibly cool opportunity!


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