#IZDDW, I show you Berlin

The 1st of August was time for the second live stream via Vodafone LTE as part of the #IZDDW series. The day started, as it so often does, with a one hour flight delay and a glass of spicy tomato juice. But after that – I was off to Berlin, our nation’s capital.

Just like in Amsterdam, I wasn’t alone in front of the camera. This time I was joined spontaneously by travel and blogger-buddy Mathias from WHUDAT. Together, we discovered completely new places in Berlin (mostly while driving in the ever so iconic Chevy).

Our own 3D figures from DOOB

Our first stop was at DOOB. Miki, one of the founders of this Start-Up for 3D printers, was no stranger to me – so I was very grateful for the kiss-kiss with Miki and the following moments in the midst of all the cameras. With the most beautiful smile, stomach in, and chest out, my physique was fixed and ready to be printed; my own Doob was in the box. Like kids at Christmas, Mathias and I looked forward to seeing our own 3D figures. Really exciting! While we were in the store, Miki explained the 3D technology to us and what we can still expect in the future.

Then it was lunchtime – very classy: time for a Berlin Currywurst. Therefore, we went to Dom Curry at the Gendarmenmarkt (a hot-spot for sausage lovers). Here, I liked the unexcited nature of it all, the straightforward menu and the short snack stop in the Berlin sun.

A visit to the Rath Gallery

Meeting friends! That is always at the top of the list for me when visiting the capital. Connecting this with a little art while having a glass of champagne in hand… you can tell we were doing very well in Berlin on this very Saturday. We visited friend and photographer, Oliver Rath. Oli, who’s a very big deal in Berlin now, came with us to his gallery (now 3 years old) and handed me his book, Berlin Bohème. Finally! Thanks Oli. It was about time indeed;)

Family Business in the Digital Age: A visit to sisterMAG

We continued on and paid a visit to the ladies from sisterMAG in their “new holy halls” at Berlin Gesundbrunnen. The e-magazine for women of today which is exclusively distributed digitally, has been writing its success story for a few years now – not only in the Berlin scene. In an interview with the girls it becomes clear that the reason for their success is not only the love of family and attention to detail, but also the division of tasks and the creative input of their own network.

Whether husband or food stylist, Claudia – what was built here in the new rooms is bursting with harmony and diligence. Keep it up!

Berlin-based start-ups: muxmäuschenwild agency and neon lights from SYGNS

The next stop in the Chevy was in front of the offices of “muxmäuschenwild”. Julia told us about the everyday life in the office of the young consulting company and we can see some similarities to markeding – only one thing is lacking in our office: A neon tube from SYGNS!

The start-up has given itself the task of producing cool neon light lettering. They practice a dying but honorable art as glass blowers and create personal lettering according to their own specifications and requirements. You’ll soon be able to see one in our office. In pink, of course, or maybe mint?

Craft Beer Tasting at BRLO

Now we headed over to perhaps the coolest bar in Berlin? To kashk (Linienstr. 40). There is pretty much only craft beer here like the one of BRLO. The atmosphere is casual, the mind is happy and we are thirsty. We talked to Catherine of BRLO about the idea of manufacturing craft beer in the first place. I can’t tell you which one was my favourite from all the varieties I tasted – they were all well suited for the temperature and the atmosphere was perfect ;-) I’ll have to go back!

We switched to another mode of transport and opt for a relaxed ride on our e-bikes to a relatively unknown corner: The “Isle of Youth” (Alt-Treptow 6). Casually, and without much effort, we cycled past pedal boats and hammocks: Electric motor goodness.

We (almost) accidentally ran into BB Street, a street band known throughout the capital for their sound and particular brand of street music. Through prior notification on their respective social profiles, the boys have no trouble putting on a concert for proper fan mobs.

After cycling around and listening to the chill sounds of the BB Street Band, it was time for some action:

Flying over Berlin in a Seaplane

Taking off on the river Spree in a seaplane? Okay, this is crazy, even for experienced seaplane passengers such as Mathias and I, it was probably literally a highlight and a challenge for the Vodafone LTE Livestream (and my stomach). With my skin now a pale hue, we traveled back upstream on the Wannsee to Spandau. We saw the old fair grounds, the new fair grounds, the station, the many lakes, and how incredibly green Berlin really is. Awesome!

The Tempelhof Field – a playground for children and adults

After sitting on the seaplane it was time to plant our feet on solid ground again, namely on the field at Tempelhof. I saw the game-hungry eyes of our crew in the setting of the sun. The boys became children again – justified. There is enough space “to play” on the field at Tempelhof.

We were allowed to fly drones here so us drone professionals let off some steam and tested which one of us is the better drone pilot.

The end of a long day of streaming once again commenced on a high atop the roof garden of the Klunker Kranich. We talked with the founders of one of the coveted hot spots on the rooftops of the city, relaxed, and let the evening fade with my friend Schowi and the whole crew. In a sea of colors ranging from blue to pink and orange, tired and happy, I said TSCHÜSSLE (bye-bye) to Berlin one more time. And I’m already looking forward to the next Livestream: In Barcelona on August 17th with PSAIKO DINO.


Mia Bühler ist ein echter Workaholic, könnte sie es sich aussuchen, träfe man die Stuttgarterin aber mit den Füßen im Sand, dem Rücken an einer Palme und mit den Augen auf den Weiten des Ozeans – das iPad in Reichweite. Als Social Media Beraterin mit ihrer Agentur "creading" und Bloggerin in diversen Bereichen, ist die junge Mama immerzu unterwegs – kulinarisch bleibt sie sich gern auch mal treu und liebt handgeschabte Spätzle mit Soß’ aus Papas Küche.