The Plant Room

Truly personal spaces always feature art (how great is that tightly arranged gallery wall this room featured on Coco Lapine Design?). And good art deserves a good frame. But I’ll tell you a secret: even cheap art, in the right frame, can look fantastic. And while custom framing can be an investment, it needn’t break the bank. Consider buying pre-made frames, from either a box store or a framer, and getting only the mats custom cut: a much cheaper solution that still makes a piece feel bespoke.

In fact we found that their sleep was incredibly asynchronous. So by this I mean that it was very very rare that any of the individuals were asleep all at the same time.“people use the term „˜winter flower“™ a lot nowadays.The researchers tracked the sleep patterns of 33 adult tribe members by asking them to wear wrist-mounted activity monitors, and „found something quite surprising,“ David Samson, an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UTM, told Reuters.

Naturally, windows become a focal point in any room“”a combination of light and painting, in a way. Make sure yours are worth looking at (especially if the view beyond them isn’t) by using the right window coverings.

This stylish home exhibits a series of ingenious storage units and multi-purpose furniture solutions that make it extremely flexible. A plywood stairway in the middle unveils a built-in refrigerator, chest of drawers and small utility room. This way, all the clutter in the living area can be easily removed from sight.

„Like every space I design, I tried to create a strong balance of color and tone,“ she says. „We chose the comfy English Roll arm sofa first off in a French blue and then went with a steel coffee table for an industrial feel and hard line.“ The texture play continues throughout the living room with leather safari chairs, an over-dyed blue patchwork rug, and a stunning walnut credenza.

Benjamin Hubert of LAYER design will be launching a furniture collection for UK furniture company Allermuir at London Design Festival’s Somerset House. The three piece collection consisting of a chair, a barstool and a small café table will be amongst many projects at the center for engaging design discussion and experiences during the anticipated design festival.

One of my biggest wardrobe „aha!“ moments was when I found my sleeveless, mustard turtleneck crumpled on the closet floor next to my white and blue striped shirt. Frowning at the jumble, it was the first time I was thankful for my messy tendencies“”the pairing was fabulous. And not something I would have ever pieced together if I was just standing in front of my wardrobe, trying to decide what to style that morning.

That’s when it hit me: In order to think of new outfit formulas, you need to shake up the way your closet is organized every now and then. Some people like to group by colors, others like to group by occasions or season, but if you know where everything is, you start reaching for items with muscle memory rather than with a fresh eye.

Right after I picked up the turtleneck from the floor, I rolled up my sleeves and took everything out of my closet to reorganize. I had a new idea on how to group my items, and it was going to open the door for many more outfits. I was going to group them according to layers, people!

To me, an outfit is at its peak when it gets creative with its silhouette. Crop tops with high-waist pants, turtlenecks under crewnecks, collared shirts underneath dresses, cropped sweaters on top of maxi dresses“”layers have the potential to take something old and overused in your wardrobe and change it into something completely different.

To have a thorough understanding of their goodness one must not only read about them but taste them. They are the staple diet in many foreign countries and in the Armour brand the native flavoring has been done with remarkable faithfulness“”so much so that large quantities are shipped from this country every week to the countries where they originated.

Like every space I design, I tried to create a strong balance of color and tone.
benjamin hubert

The bedroom features a moody color palette, but still manages to give off the relaxing and sleepy vibes Rotter was after. Her art and accessory collection extends into the space, but in small doses like a mini-gallery above her bedside table. to my house from France to lend a hand and is one amongst the warmest, sweetest, and friendliest folks I“™ve ever met.

The fabulous location is what initially drew Darren to his home. As he says „There are few areas that can beat the City Bowl for vibe, energy and convenience.“ Although Darren currently rents, he’s hoping that at some point the property will become available so that he can buy and renovate it to its full potential.

In the meantime, Darren has made the space his own by painting strong gray focal walls, hanging art, and adding plenty of plant life. After a stressful day he finds comfort in styling his home and moving items around to create different vignettes. The open bookshelf in his living room is beautifully curated and includes vintage video cameras and photography equipment that used to belong to his father.

This time around, the team focused on material selection, with recycled aluminum at the core of each piece. Recycled aluminum uses only 5% of the energy required to make new aluminum, and the additional materials you’ll notice in the collection are also low-impact. Other materials include recycled wood fiber, reclaimed timber and recycled nylon.

The best part about the whole thing for design-lovers: Some really incredible rooms come out of it. The most recent ORC season finished up in April, and it resulted in some of the prettiest rooms we“™ve seen yet. Here“™s a recap of our favorite modern spaces from the One Room Challenge, from both official and guest participants alike. This living room came from one of ORC“™s guest participants, but it“™s as well-designed and full of inspiration as any space we“™ve seen from the bigger-name bloggers.


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