Travelding destinations 2015: Our travel highlights

Okay, this year was really CRAZY! And of course, we must have a “very brief” retrospective of all the destinations that we traveled to throughout the year – What were our highlights and our impression of the each destination expressed in only one sentence. We tried to organize it all in this post, so here you go. Once again, we take you along with us on our travelding trips around the world from January-today! If one of our travel highlights of the past year is a perfect fit for you or you’d like to discover one of these places in 2016, tell us about it in the comments.

travelding January

Lapland: This year I was so fortunate to invade frosty Sweden with Flo! At around minus 20 degrees Celcius, we experienced an insane action-packed holiday in Arvidsjaur. We cut through meter-high snow in snow mobiles while driving at a speed of 80 km per hour and did a bunch of drifting on a frozen lake. That was an amazing trip, we’d do it again anytime! – Daniel

travelding February

Iceland: The hunt for the Northern Lights was a significant point on my bucket list and I returned home having successfully completed it and checked it off. – Thies


San Francisco: In San Francisco, I figured out how to get the most out of a short trip in very little time. – Lisa

Orlando: Ice cream-eating dogs, and theme parks to get lost in. You can do it once, but you don’t need to do it again! – Mia

travelding March

Lisbon: An incredibly great buddy-trip with the guys without any expectations, which made it all the more grandiose – a little summer in March! – Flo

Maldives: Diving in the Maldives – One of my favorite diving resorts and Mia’s absolute favorite holiday destination. – Thies


travelding April

Singapore: Singapore is a city of almost unlimited possibilities – how the heck can you simply do it all in 48 hours? – Lisa

Santorini: The whitewashed walls with blue domes are typical of Santorini and creates a unique and enchanting setting in this Greek archipelago. – Thies

South Tyrol: Hiking is bourgeois? Not at all! I learned that it’s actually the opposite on a hiking trip in South Tyrol. – Lisa

London: London experienced in a different way than previously: the world of the Hipster rather than that of the tourist. And after this trip I got the feeling that everybody in London is high. – Flo

travelding May

Andalusia: Relaxation for body and soul with yoga, hiking, and vegan delights. – Mia

Rome: My second time in Rome and so great – pizza, gelato and simply enjoying la Dolce Vita! – Flo

travelding June

Rhode Island: The smallest US state has much more to offer than Taylor Swift’s 17 million-dollar beachfront mansion. – Thies

travelding July

Greece: Greek crisis or not – the country and its people are extremely lovable and it is always worth a visit. – Thies

Roadtrip MBPolarsun: We drove 5000 kilometers in 10 days with a group of incredibly great people. It was one of the best and most intense trips of my life! – Flo

Ibiza: Much more than nightlife. The infamous party-island destination has incredibly beautiful and quiet corners. Here, I was allowed to experience one of the most adventurous dives so far and you would never believe how beautiful it was. – Thies

Amsterdam: The best food and the wildest biker; that’s how my unforgettable start to the IZDDW adventure began! Mia

travelding August

Barcelona: I stood on the rooftop of one of Gaudí’s most iconic building, most iconic buildings, had the best churros on my plate, danced in clothes from Ropateca and laughed until my cheeks glowed! – Mia

Seychelles: An absolute dream destination. Dream beaches and giant tortoises are the first things that come to mind. It’s the perfect place for anyone wanting to experience a real Robinson Crusoe feeling. – Thies

travelding September

Rome: Discovered the most romantic city with the funniest bodybuilder ever! – Mia

Lake Garda: Sincere people crossing paths with a photographer, makeup artist, and I – thanks Trentino! – Mia


Reykjavík: Disguised as a vikingviking while riding on quads through the capital of the icy island! – Mia

Bangkok: The best place to eat if you’re traveling on a budget. – Lexie

Krabi: A perfect vacation spot for island hopping, soaking up the sun, relaxing & taking a break from the fast-paced life of the big city. – Lexie


New York: I was finally back in my temporary home and I enjoyed every second, every burger, every donut, and of course, all the people! – Flo

travelding October

Singapore: One of the most stunning cities in the world. Fantastic food, dizzying high-rises, Formula 1 night races, and afterparties galore. Vroom! – Thies

Baden-Württemberg, Germany: Home is where the crew is!
Being at home in South Germany is the most beautiful! – Livia
I found 5 things that surprised me on the trip through Baden-Württemberg. -Lisa

Seychelles: Heaven must be a place on earth! In Paradise, I found the perfect start for island fun, enjoyed the most magnificent views, and spent 24 hours on a catamaran without solid ground under my feet. Let’s do it again! – Livia

Halkidiki, Greece: I was able to benefit from a late summer getaway to Thessaloniki in Greece. While there, I discovered the Sani Resort and I loved it! – Lisa

California: California is my favorite place in the world. There’s no other place where I feel so free, whether in the desert or on the coast! – Flo

Mallorca: In the meantime, our honorary 17th state and the favorite destination spot of German vacationers, was chosen as the location for my birthday party again. Having been drawn here 3 times in a row, all prior prejudices about Ballermann have now been eliminated. – Thies


travelding November

Lake Como: Even though I am not that kind of a person, I got a little sentimental at Lake Como See because this place still seems like an ideal world without chain stores, stress, and the bad side of globalization. – Lena

Curaçao: The the lonely lighthouse belongs on every bucket list and I would have never thought that SUP (stand-up paddling) through the mangrove woods would have been that much fun! -Mia

Istanbul: I have never spent so much money on tea and honey ;) – Mia

travelding December

El Gouna: Warm, affordable, close and secure. Egypt could not be more beautiful. A real insider tip that’s easy on the wallet and will certainly meet all requirements. – Thies

El Gouna


Mia Bühler ist ein echter Workaholic, könnte sie es sich aussuchen, träfe man die Stuttgarterin aber mit den Füßen im Sand, dem Rücken an einer Palme und mit den Augen auf den Weiten des Ozeans – das iPad in Reichweite. Als Social Media Beraterin mit ihrer Agentur "creading" und Bloggerin in diversen Bereichen, ist die junge Mama immerzu unterwegs – kulinarisch bleibt sie sich gern auch mal treu und liebt handgeschabte Spätzle mit Soß"™ aus Papas Küche.