uberding im Interview mit… Dan Deacon!

Vergangene Woche fand das Electronic Beats Festival in Köln statt. Wie ich euch ja bereits in meinem Artikel zum The New Yorker Hotel beklagt habe, hatte ich so einiges um die Ohren. Ein Glück, dass ich in Köln nicht nur liebe Freunde habe, die mich mit offenen Armen empfangen und sogar in ihrem Hochbett übernachten lassen, sondern die dazu auch noch begabt sind (und natürlich “irgendwas mit Medien” arbeiten) und kurzerhand für mich einspringen können!


Die Rede ist von Eva Thonke und Anna-Lena Schmidt, die am Mittag des Events mit Kamera bewaffnet und Fragen im Kopf durch den Regen zum E-Werk getanzt sind um dort auf Dan Deacon zu treffen. Wer das genau ist und was die Ladies dem bärtigen Puschel so alles entlocken konnten, erzählen sie jetzt selbst. (Mia)

Tasten frei für Eva & Anna-Lena!

Dan Deacon ist eigentlich ein ziemlich schmusiger Typ- er trägt gerne Hochwasserhosen, gestreifte Socken, mag schräge Musik und hat sich auf der Wohnzimmercouch im Interviewraum wie zu Hause gefühlt.

uberding war für euch unterwegs, um das 31-jährige Genie aus Baltimore (US) mit ein paar kniffeligen Fragen aus der Reserve zu locken. Einen Video-Mitschnitt findet ihr unten ebenfalls.

Until when did you live with your parents?
I guess I moved out when I was seventeen. That’s when I started college.

Could you name the five most characteristic songs of your life? Like a personal soundtrack…
Thinking about childhood, there is this song we always played at school in the band called “The Martials”. I don’t know if I would still like it now, but thinking this song was awesome. It might totally suck today, cause I haven’t heard it since 15 years.
2/ Talking Heads – Born Under Punches
3/ Devo – Uncontrollable Urge
4/ Terry Riley – A Rainbow In Curved Air
5/ Conlon Nancarrow – Study for Player Piano No. 21

If you could choose: Which animal would you like to be?
It has to be an animal, and I can’t pick human being? Does it has to exist? Can I be like a mythical creature? A griffin would be pretty awesome… Well I stick with random reality. I am torn between the sea and the air. I feel like a bird to be if it would be possible. Birds are stupid.
A bacteria would be pretty cool, as well. But i feel more like a queen bee. Let me be a queen bee. [laughing]

If you have one, which perfume do you like most on women?
None. It’s less creepy.

Do you like to wear a favorite brand at the moment?
I wear “DICKIES” pants all the time. I try to buy as many clothes not made in sweat shops as possible. My goal is by 2014 to only buy clothes with fair labour practices and hopefully made domestically as possible. I started with these “NEW BALANCE” shoes. These were the only ones I could find really good customized in the United States.

Are you a fan of night or daytime?
I love ’em both. You can’t have one without the other, right?
I tend to spend most of the time out of the house at night.

You had several performances at museums and art institutions. Are you as well interested in art? Or do you have a favorite artist?
The reason why I like to play at these places is that they aren’t set up for performance, because my solo performance is kind of designed to use the space and the audience. Most of these places are very unique in their ability to just change the way people think about their relation to a venue. It really changes the way the audience interacts. It kind of opens up a lot of possibilities. My favorite visual artist is a Baltimore friend of mine, Dina Kelberman. I think she makes really great weird stuff. She does a lot of comics, but she is crazy about websites. Incredible. She did my website as well.

But if I had to pick a famous artist, I would say Tom Friedman.

Your style of music is definately unique and got it’s own aesthetic. How would you describe your own work in 5 words?
No one likes to describe your own music.
Ehm… It’s very tensed, texture, driven and ehm… rhythmic?!
I could say as well it’s “awesome” or “great” but that’s stupid. [laughing]


What socks do you usually wear?
I usually wear these socks [shows his socks] – colored.
Sometimes I do wear tennis socks. I don’t wear a lot of accessories. So these socks are my necklace.
I always wear high level pants so that you can see my socks.

Refering to your music video “Crystal Cat”, which is kind of psychedelic and weird, have you ever made your own experiences with drugs or hallucinogens drugs?

I never have taken LSD. But i have eaten suicidal mushrooms – a hand full of times. I don’t really fuck around with drugs. I do like the idea of breaking up in the head.

It illustrates the dialogue between you and your brain. I try to make the show as good as possible. Whenever I play a dance party or at clubs a lot of people are so fucked up on MDMA or ACID. I am sure they are having a great time but:
If you can’t have a great time without MDMA, then what the fuck is wrong with you?


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Mia Bühler ist ein echter Workaholic, könnte sie es sich aussuchen, träfe man die Stuttgarterin aber mit den Füßen im Sand, dem Rücken an einer Palme und mit den Augen auf den Weiten des Ozeans – das iPad in Reichweite. Als Social Media Beraterin mit ihrer Agentur "creading" und Bloggerin in diversen Bereichen, ist die junge Mama immerzu unterwegs – kulinarisch bleibt sie sich gern auch mal treu und liebt handgeschabte Spätzle mit Soß’ aus Papas Küche.

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